GSG Adds to Qwilt|Bilt Marketing Campaign

By Randy Metcalf

“Make It Ploofy.” That is the narrative for a Qwilt|Bilt marketing campaign recently launched by Global Systems Group® (GSG). Promoting ploofy (plush + poofy) encourages mattress makers to use quilting technology to differentiate their bedding products from flat-top styles commonly associated with zipper-cover beds.

“The Science of Ploofy” video is the newest addition to the campaign, and is a tongue-in-cheek study of a ploofy mattress’s construction characteristics. It and other ploofy videos can be found at, along with webpages for the benefits of Qwilt|Bilt beds, a photo gallery, blog, and more features to inform visitors of the value of making it ploofy.

“We’re encouraging mattress manufacturers to leverage the capacity they already have for quilting machines with a new approach to their quilted mattress styles so they can set themselves apart from their competition,” said Mike Miller, President of GSG. “It’s a new attitude for a time-tested bedding product.”

The “Make it Ploofy” campaign launched at March’s ISPA EXPO with teaser advertisements and social media content contrasting “ploofy” (quilted) and “squishy” (non-quilted) beds. Qwilt|Bilt hats were distributed and attendees were invited to visit for more details.

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Randy Metcalf

Randy Metcalf

Randy Metcalf

Marketing Manager