LAZZ30 Long Arm Zig Zag Label Sewer

The LAZZ30 is a long-arm, zig-zag, label-sewing workstation with a patented Dual Power Trac top-belt feed for heavy quilts. Its Power Trac belts are synchronized to machine feed for perfectly flat labels and consistent stitch size, and its reverse mode allows the operator to sew backward, reducing material handling and cycle time. LAZZ30 also accepts a 30” capacity underneath its sewing arm.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows operators to sew labels onto large quilted panels up to 1.5” thick
  • Sew over 2 6x9” panels per minute
  • Lockstitch sewing head with large bobbins
  • 30” clearance under sewing head (neck to needle)
  • Zig-Zag or straight stitch with single knob adjustment
  • Electronic needle-positioning motor (2-position)
  • Needle stops down for pivot reference
  • Aggressive underfeed pulls through quilted fabric
  • Air-powered foot lift at heel back
  • Options:
  • Up to 42” long clearance
  • Ergonomic sewing stand (height/angle adjust)

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