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The ErgoSmart Table EST-501, from Porter International, is a motorized belt table equipped with a powerful PFM-4000 flanger. The PFM-4000 is designed to flange the thickest, densest mattress panels in the industry, and the ErgoSmart Table makes handling these panels easier than ever.
The ErgoSmart Table EST-501 may improve production by reducing operator fatigue, simplifying training, and improving the finished quality of mattress panels.

Features and Benefits

  • The table can be raised or lowered for operator comfort at the touch of a button.
  • The motions of the belts are synchronized with the flanger sewing head, effortlessly moving the panels through the flanging operation with minimal effort from the operator.
  • A built-in guide helps ensure panels are finished with clean, straight edges.
  • The EST 4000 helps create more consistently sized panels.
  • Sensors communicate the position of the panel to the belt motors, indicating whether they need to move in the same direction for straight-line flanging, or turn in opposite directions to rotate the panel in order to flange the next side.


Max Sewing Speed-rpm4000
Recommended Sewing Speed-rpm3600
Max Panel Thickness4” (100mm)
Min Panel Thickness1/2” (12mm)
Yield900 +/-panels/8 hour shift
Seam Width1” (25 mm)
Presser Foot Height5/32”(12mm)
Needle Type135 x 7
Needle Size22-24
Voltage220/240 VAC SINGLE PHASE (alternative voltages available)
Current30 AMP (MAX)
Air Pressure80 PSI
Air Consumption (cfm)6.00 SCFM @ 80PSI
Weight (gross)2800 lbs. (1270 kg)
Shipping Dimensions192" x 72" x 60" (488 x 183 x 152 cm)

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