NC 1170 Border Station

The NC 1170 border station is a roll-to-roll system that can be set up to either apply a secondary material on top of a mattress border, or split the border material, insert a secondary material and sew it together again. The latter method is ideal for easily adding a mesh material to borders.

Features and Benefits

  • Equipped with up to ten double chainstitch needles for adding multiple strips of material to borders
  • Machine can apply secondary material up to 2.75 inches (70 mm) wide.
  • Includes powerful puller drive
  • When equipped with the Automatic Motorized Wind-Up Unit, NC 1011, completed border rolls can be up to 47 inches (1200 mm) in diameter, and border widths can range from 2 inches to 15.5 inches (50 - 400 mm).

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