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Sew together mattress comfort layers for less than 5% of the cost of glue methods. Each layer of glue used in popular water-based glue methods typically costs $2.50. A common 3-layer unit has two laminations costing a total of $5.00 worth of glue. The XT9 can sew these sheets together for a total of $0.10 worth of thread. That’s a 98% savings in material.

The XT9 replaces expensive, messy gluing methods with clean, inexpensive stitching. A set of nine long needles penetrate up to four inches of layered materials, combining it all in a single pass through the machine in about 35 seconds.

Features and Benefits

XT9 provides single-pass assembly.

  • Hot-melt and water-based gluing process requires multiple passes to create assembly.
  • In addition, water-based requires a heat machine or time for water to evaporate.
  • Both glue processes require a press for glue transfer to create a bond.
  • XT9 eliminates these additional steps and machines.

XT9 maintains the desired integrity of your product’s intended comfort.

  • Hot-melt and water-based bonding process alters the desired “feel and comfort” of your product by creating a laminated/stiff product.
  • XT9 allows your layers to “float” individually, giving the intended “feel and comfort” of each individual layer.
  • Gluing eliminates airflow and creates a vapor barrier.
  • XT9 provides a “cooling” airflow with no vapor barrier through stitched layers.

XT9 creates an environmentally friendly and recyclable product.

  • Glued layers are created with chemicals; XT9 uses thread.
  • Glued layers are difficult to separate for recycling; XT9 layers can be separated by removing the thread.

Here’s how it works:

  • Gravity conveyor feeds stacked foam layers into XT9.
  • Electric eyes detect material height and adjust automatically to fit.
  • Rubberized belts advance the material in coordination with the needle stroke.
  • Needle and looper threads are trimmed.
  • Motorized belt conveyor discharges the completed sewn-layered unit.


Number of needle bars1
Needle spacing9” (229 mm)
Needle size180/24
Number of loopers9
Voltage/phase208/460/3 PHASE (HAS 15 KVA TRANSFORMER)
Current (amps)50/25 DEPENDING ON VOLTAGE
Air pressure (psi)90 (6.2 bar)
Air consumption (CFM)1.2 CFM (33 L/min)
Max. material width85” (2159 mm)
Minimum material width72” (1829 mm)
Max. thickness4” (102 mm)
Min. thickness3/4” (19 mm)
Production (units/minute, hour, or shift)1 queen/ 35 sec
Footprint (LxW)21’ 9” x 12’ 6” (6629 mm x 3810 mm)
WeightApprox. 8000 lbs. (3829 kg)
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)21’ 9” x 12’ 6” x 7’ (6629 x 3810 x 2134 mm)

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