EZ Tram

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The EZ Tram is a cost-effective delivery system to transport work in progress without wasting floor space and labor. This gravity-driven overhead conveyor carries loaded clamp carriers along a sloped rail system without electricity or computerized operations.

The gravity-driven EZ Tram carries quilt panels from the panel cutter work area to the next production area. An operator simply secures the panel into the spring-hinged carrier and gives it a push down the sloped tram rail to move it to the next point.

The sectional EZ Tram system can be constructed in a variety of configurations to fit most operations. It’s not exclusively limited to quilt panel transportation. It can also move border materials, non-woven goods, zipper covers, and more.

EZ Tram provides FIFO (first in, first out) flow through production instead of LIFO (last in, first out) like cart stacking.

EZ Tram reduces risk of damage caused by storing product on a cart or floor.


Max. weight capacity50 lbs. (22 kg)
Hanger quantity10 hangers (standard)
Footprint (LxW)14'x6.5' (427 x 198 cm)
Height10' (305 cm)
Weight1000 lbs (454 kg)
Shipping dimensions on skid168” x 90” X 112”
Max capacity width90" (229 cm)
Max thicknessUp to 3" (7.3 cm)
Min. thickness1/4” (6 mm)

* Listed specifications are based on standard 12’ section with 10 clamp carriers. Other sizes and dimensions are available.

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