The Retail Appeal of the XT9: Dos Marcos podcast show

By Randy Metcalf

Global Systems Group (GSG) recently discussed the benefits of the new glue-less lamination process of the XT9 Stitch Bridge with the hosts of the popular mattress industry podcast, Dos Marcos. The show’s hosts are Mark Quinn, of Mattress Firm, and Englander Bedding’s Mark Kinsley. They have extensive industry experience that has proven they definitely know the pulse of the mattress consumer. The show focuses on industry trends and innovative new concepts to help furniture retailers create a better customer experience for greater impact on mattress sales.

Through this interview with GSG’s President, Paul Block, and North American Sales Vice President David Eidson, the Dos Marcos hosts revealed some unique perspectives on why manufacturers and mattress consumers may find this new lamination process very appealing. In addition to the manufacturing efficiencies, they revealed some consumer benefits, including healthy airflow and bed construction, environmental concerns, and recycling.

The Dos Marcos hosts are known for blazing new trails in the industry, and they explain the value of being an early adopter of new technology when an innovative process satisfies emerging customer needs. It’s an enlightening and entertaining deep dive with two industry experts that know a thing or two about products that drive mattress sales. Enjoy the show!

Dos Marcos Podcast
Click to watch the Dos Marcos podcast.
XT9 Lamination Machine
Learn more about the XT9 Stitch Bridge and the glue-less lamination process here.
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Randy Metcalf

Randy Metcalf

Randy Metcalf

Marketing Manager