Conquer Your Biggest Manufacturing Fears This Halloween

By Randy Metcalf

Current elections drama around the globe, trade policy uncertainties, and tightening labor conditions can be frightening for mattress manufacturers during this Halloween season. A paralyzing fear may overcome business decision-makers feeling unsettled about the future.

But do you know what's really scary?
An ominous giant of destruction is already at work devouring your profits and crippling your operations. It's waste from inefficiencies in your manufacturing operations, and while you worry about what the future might hold, it's already taken hold in your business, and continuously eats away at your profits day-by-day.

Fortunately, you can control this beast, and GSG has the weapons to defeat it.

Reduce non-value-add touches in the factory with a Waste-exit system
Mattress production accumulates a lot of scrap and debris in nearly every operation on the plant. It's a bulky by-product of the process, and it can be a injury hazard as well. Manually handling this waste drains profits from your product every time it's touched!

The new Waste-exit vacuum-powered system can be directly fitted to machines to automatically suck scrap materials into a network of ducts that carry the waste away.

Save on adhesive materials and labor with efficient distribution of glue and labor.
Sensor-guided Quarrata roll-coat glue line automatically dispenses just the required amount of adhesive on your foam layers. This machine/conveyor system reduces human error (and expense) commonly associated with hand-sprayed systems that result in too much, or too little, glue coverage.

An infrared heater and mattress press speeds up the process and ensures a solid bond between layers.

Overcome your greatest FOMO with a TK-381 roll-pack machine
Speaking of fearful concerns, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is running rampant among mattress retailers without a successful online direct-sales channel. You may not be able to predict how tomorrow's geo-political events will impact your business, but it's a safe bet that online mattress sales is going to continue to increase and you can't afford to waste any more time missing out on that!

Even if you don't immediately need to direct-ship roll-packed beds, studies have shown they are far more efficient to ship on your conventional shipping trucks too.

It's been said "the greatest of fears is the fear of the unknown," but the waste caused by manufacturing inefficiencies is found right in front of you every day. GSG has the weapons for you to attack this threat to your business before it drains you dry like a starving Halloween vampire!

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Randy Metcalf

Randy Metcalf

Randy Metcalf

Marketing Manager