Pattern Design Center

Gribetz International creates bold fashion statements. . .

Creative designs and high-fashion styling on the mattress panels is the way to effectively capture the customer's eye and gain an advantage over the competition. The new Axiom Class patterns are those high-fashion designs. With comfort zones, geometric shapes, and scroll-like centered patterns all intended to provide a marketing advantage.

Pattern LinkĀ® is the hot styling trend for producing panel-centered designs. Utilizing Tack & JumpĀ® software and a multi-needle quilter, it is easy to achieve the single needle look by intermixing patterns. Pattern Link can also be used to create different "zones" for sleep surfaces (by varying designs in different regions) and to create infinite design possibilities and exciting, innovative product lines.

Gribetz Pattern Design and Styling Studio can help style and personalize the right line. Our designer creates and designs new quilting patterns that coordinate with and complement high-fashion ticking. Feel the need for more than a few new patterns to jazz up your product line? Ask about our special styling service and seminars. Our stylist is available to personally assist you through the ticking and pattern selection process. Let us show you how to pair the perfect pattern with the right ticking for every unit in your product line.