PCL-1500 Cinch-loc gusset maker

Easy pillowtop ruffles - instantly created with the pull of a string!


Porter has developed a great way to apply Cinch-Loc® to the centerline of a pillowtop gusset to easily create ruffled corners. Cinch-Loc is a drawstring material from Mātrex®, and its innate tension qualities create natural ruffles in pillowtop gussets during the build up process.


The PCL-1500 is part of the BMS-1500 Border Modular System. One machine can be easily modified to produce 8 different popular mattress border styles. Learn more about BMS-1500 here.


(BMS-1500 shown here is equipped for ribbon applications. Modular fixtures can be replaced for Cinch-loc and up to 8 other options!)

This economical pillowtop method is ideal for these reasons: 


    1. Pillowtops can be created quicker without the tedious efforts of marking and sewing specifically determined ruffle pleats.


    2. Inexpensive flange replaces full inner deck. 


    3. Build up takes less time and ruffle pleats cannot be ripped loose during this process.



     Cinch-Loc Pillowtop Method (image/pjpeg - 10 KB)



























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PCL-1500 Cinch-loc gusset maker