The ErgoSmart Table EST-501, from Porter International, is a motorized belt table equipped with a powerful PFM-4000 flanger. The PFM-4000 is designed to flange the thickest, densest mattress panels in the industry, and the ErgoSmart Table makes handling these panels easier than ever.

The ErgoSmart Table EST-501 may improve production by reducing operator fatigue, simplifying training, and improving the finished quality of mattress panels.

  • The table can be raised or lowered for operator comfort at the touch of a button.
  • The motions of the belts are synchronized with the flanger sewing head, to effortlessly move the panels through the flanging operation with minimal effort from the operator.
  • A built in guide helps ensure panels are finished with clean, straight edges.
  • The EST 4000 helps create more consistently sized panels.
  • Sensors communicate the position of the panel to the belt motors, indicating whether they need to move in the same direction for straight line flanging, or turn in opposite directions to rotate the panel, in order to flange the next side.



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