GAP 3300 Flange Machine

  • Galkin GAP3250_3300 Parts Kit PDF (application/pdf - 363 KB)Sews flat panels up to 3.0" thick (2.5" foam + 0.5" fiber)
  • Superior sewing handling and seam quality
  • Simple to maintain and run
  • Fewest moving parts and spare parts costs
  • 4500 RPM sewing speed
  • Heavy Duty / High Performance Sewing Head
  • High Pressure oiling system with dual filters
  • 4-5 stitches per inch
  • Patented Power Trac top feed assist
  • 3/4" needle spacing
  • Flange guide and rear mount flange rack
  • Table, stand, thread stand, and clutch motor
  • GAP-AT Air floatation table
  • GAP-EC Ergonomic Sewing Chair
  • GAP18143CTI Flange Knife and Inserter
  • Stand up ergonomic table and foot pedal
  • Electronic needle positioning motor
  • 1.0" needle gauge spacing
  • VORTECH Jet Waste Removal


Porter Fastrack Parts Bin image (image/pjpeg - 12 KB)Discounted parts kit available!

Maintain your machine with quality OEM machine parts and save money doing it! Choose these quality parts kits specifically designed to keep your Galkin equipment operating at peak performance.


Download this parts list here:

Galkin GAP3250_3300 Parts Kit PDF (application/pdf - 363 KB)



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GAP 3300 Flange Machine