PE-504O/U for Cinch-Loc Foundations

The Porter International PE-504O/U border serger, equipped with a Cinch-loc attachment device, adds a drawstring material to one side of the border material while serging each edge. After forming a half-cap box spring cover, this assembly is secured to the foundation unit by simply cinching up the drawstrings and stapling the cord ends in place.


This process for covering mattress foundation units can be more cost-effective than traditional processes because it reduces quilted material, it may reduce overall labor and eliminates staples.


Roll of foundation border with Cinch-Loc (image/pjpeg - 123 KB)


  • Speed: 6000 RPM @ 4.5 spi
  • Productivity: 40 yds / minute
  • Thickness: Sews up to 1/2” thick
  • Runs border widths from 3.5” to 21”


Cinch-Loc gantry (image/pjpeg - 9 KB)

Gantry tension device used for pulling drawstrings tight sold separately.





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PE-504O/U for Cinch-Loc Foundations
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