Greenlight remote factory management system

Greenlight plant monitor system

Greenlight is a machine productivity management software system that allows you to track machine activity in near real-time from any web-accessible device. Units can be added to nearly any machine in your plant without custom programming and you can track vital machine data when you need it - wherever ever you are.


  • Monitor specific or critical production machines at all times, from anywhere!
  • Evaluate bottlenecks and problem areas.
  • Check progress of new processes or operators.
  • Check loading, capacities and revenue streams.
  • NEW - Maintenance alerts can be sent via phone text message or email to multiple recipients!



Download the GREENLIGHT brochure for more details.

GreenLight Plant factory management system brochure


EZ Plant smartphone access

Going to be away from the plant for a while?

Access your Greenlight system via your web-accessible smartphone or tablet and see real machine usage from anywhere!


Gain greater peace of mind with a better understanding of your factory productivity. This seems priceless, but the Greenlight system is extremely affordable!


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Greenlight remote factory management system