Automatic Border Line

Make luxury borders with handles, tapes, zippers, serged edges, law labels and decorative quilting.  This roll-fed system automatically makes complete closed borders with this combination of integrated machines.


It consists of a combination of modular machines:

  • TK107 Decorative Border Machine
    • Multi-needle chainstitch sewing head can also add ribbons and decorative elements
  • TK212 Handle Attaching Machine
    • Attach pre-cut or roll-fed handles in vertical or horizontal position
  • TK262 Double-border, Measure, Cut Machine
    • Simultaneously over-edge each side and cut border to specified length
  • TK230 Automatic Border Closer
    • Automatically sew the ends together and extra optional equipment can add a flag law label in the seam if desired




One operator controls the entire line to produce highly stylish complete border units from rolls of raw materials to cut-to-size closed border sections.


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Automatic Border Line