Rolljet programmable glue machine

Save on material, machinery and time using this programmable pattern glue machine. Like a digital printer, you can customize the pattern of glue distribution for full layers, foam encasement units, and everything in between. Apply glue exactly where you need it, exactly how you want it.


quarrata rolljet pattern 2 (image/jpeg - 9 KB)

quarrata rolljet pattern 2 (image/jpeg - 6 KB)


Use up to 50% less adhesive by applying in customized patterns for sufficient coverage precisely where you need it and only where you need it.

• Save adhesive: Rolljet reduces adhesive consuption by up to 50%
• Save machinery: Use the Rolljet for layered foams AND foam-encased perimeters.
• Save time: adhesive application time reduced by 50% as compared to cross roller and hot melt systems: double your output!


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Rolljet programmable glue machine