GMS-1050 FR Sock Stuffing Machine

Hand covering awkward FR socks over heavy foam bed units can be a slow, labor intensive chore. The GMS1050 can greatly improve your productivity with this labor saving system.


Key features:

  • Feed assist gravity rollers help the foam core feed smoothly into the FR sock
  • Heavy duty structural steel tube construction
  • Unit is setup at ergonomic work height
  • Simple forward/reverse foot pedal activation
  • Adjustable conveyor speed for foam core feed
  • Adjustable FR sock width and post height distance-allows for variable FR sock sizes


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Galkin FR sock line

The GMS-1050 works great as part of the Galkin FR Sock line which includes the optional equipment; GBC-1000 closer and flip tables.


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GMS-1050 FR Sock Stuffing Machine