GB-1 water-based adhesive system

Revolutionary water-based glue bridge eliminates overspray and automates application of SABA water-based adhesive on foam encasement assemblies and/or multi-layered component lamination for foam core beds.


Eliminate operating and quality issues associated with hot-melt adhesives. Reduce adhesive consumption and the dry time typical of roll coating application.


Immediate one-sided initial tack with substantial handling strength - patent pending technology virtually eliminates overspray


  • The adhesive can be placed precisely where needed
  • Allows for a fixed adhesive cost per piece
  • Ensures consistent product quality
  • Hassle free adhesive application
  • Reduce human error
  • Fix your adhesive costs
  • Reduce labor costs
  •  Eliminate mess
  • Clean - environmentally friendly
  • Simple and reliable
  • Low maintenance - built-in systems to maximize run time
  • Maximize transfer efficiency
  • Virtually no overspray


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Patent Pending


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GB-1 water-based adhesive system