Paragon M+

The Gribetz Paragon® quilt machine has been updated to include even more features to improve productivity and easier operations.


Key new benefits


  • Optional Preventative Maintenance software
    - Keep your machine running longer and stronger with software to remind and record operator's critical maintenance operations
  • Optional quick-set MHP handles

   - Makes material changes fast and easy to keep production moving well

  • Easy access end guards with large window opening

   - for easier regular maintenance tasks

  • Separate CPU and monitor with Windows® 7 operating system

    - Independent computer and touch screen.



Other unique benefits:


  • Faster Tack & Jump® (T&J) sewing
    - Reliable T&J sewing at 1200 RPM.
  • Posi-trim™ T&J "tail" control
    - Paragon M+ eliminates tails from top of panel.

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    New Preventative Maintenance software makes it easy to keep your Paragon M+ running in top form for a longer time.



    For your greatest productivity, view these PDF brochures for new options for this quilter.

    Gribetz Wildstitch cover image (image/pjpeg - 14 KB)       Gribetz Options 2014 cover image (image/pjpeg - 13 KB)

     Gribetz WildStitch brochure (application/pdf - 719 KB)



    Gribetz Options brochure 2014 (application/pdf - 642 KB)




    Combine the Paragon M+ with a programmable panel cutter like the Pro ME and Batch Mode/AutoSchedule® software to save $1,000's each year in materials savings and other efficiencies.


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