B45 Border Quilt Machine

Improve border quilting with the same Gribetz International® technology you trust with your mattress panels. The Gribetz B-45 Border Quilter is designed for a more highly efficient border work cell. This machine can produce enough quilted border to accommodate the quilt panel production of two panel quilters. Built-in slitter blades enable you to take material straight from the quilter to the border department. The slitter blades’ simultaneous side-to-side movement with the carriage travel enables more evenly spaced patterns between border edges.


The B-45’s shortened material path between needle bars and slitter blades create more accurate patterns on the mattress borders. The B-45 is a 3 bar multi-needle quilter with most of the same computer controls found on all Gribetz quilters. Popular Class I – IV patterns, including most Tack & Jump® styles can be created just like any Gribetz quilter.


  • Capabable of quilting most continuous pattern styles and Tack & Jump® patterns.
  • Built-in slitter blades
  • Meets US and CE safety initiatives.
  • Runs at speeds up to 1000 rpm.
  • Gribetz Point & Sew computerized touch screen controls.
  • Gribetz Equi-stitch™ and Pattern Compensation™ software for prime pattern definition and ideal stitch integrity.
  • Built in winder collects quilted material.
  • Small machine footprint saves space on the shop floor.


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B45 Border Quilt Machine