PE-504/DO double border serger

This double border serger utilizes two opposite-facing sewing heads to automatically feed border material the machine for simultaneous over-edging. This simultaneously trims the edge and secures it with an overedge stitch for a clean finish to improve other downstream operations.


It's built for high-volume production for years to come!


Specifications PE504-DO
Max sewing speed 6000 RPM
Recommended sewing speed 5000 RPM
Max border thickness 1/2” (127 mm)
Min panel thickness flat
Border width 3.5in - 21in (89 mm - 533 mm)
Yield 40 +/- yards/minute (36.5 +/- meters/minute)



New optional feature: add flange behind the serging operation!


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PE-504/DO double border serger