GS-MN3DC Universal Border Machine

The GS-MN3DC is an economical and versatile machine for inserting 3D material into borders and much more.


Able to use up to 8 needles, the GS-MN3DC can also:

• Produce straight-line borders
• Produce strap handles (different folder needed)
• Attach decorative ribbon to border
• Attach 3D vent material
• Attach 3D vent material and decorative ribbon


 GS-MN3DC detail needle plate


Standard machine comes complete with:

• 300UE/805 multi-needle sewing head
• Puller feed
• Efka motor with needle positioner
• 2 x ribbon guides
• 1 x 3D (vent material) folder/guide
• 4-material run-out stops
• Free-standing material rewind

• Centre slitter
• Thread-break detectors
• Handle folder


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GS-MN3DC Universal Border Machine