BatchPro programmable panel cutter

The Batch Pro programmable panel cutter extends the high throughput benefits of a Gribetz quilter to the panel cutting operation.


State-of -the-art technology automates the cross cut and trim functions, and communicates with Paragon M series and V16 quilt machines for BatchMode operation.


• Capable of cutting quilted panels up to 3in (76 mm) thick.

• Single blade slitter

• High-speed capability - accepts quilting machine feed rate of 3 yards (2.74 m) per minute

• Meets all OSHA and CE Safety directives

• Control panel functions include:

feed & roller - forward/reverse;

feed & roller jog;

sweep cut

• High-speed, high-torque electric motors

• Manual sharpener

• Touch Screen Control with Industrial Quality Control System


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BatchPro programmable panel cutter