Mattress Master OPTIMA

The Mattress Master OPTIMA combines over 20 years experience in semi-automatic tape edging with the latest technology. The OPTIMA utilizes a strong turning arm, flip device and motorized belt tables to simplify the tape edge process and make it more ergonomically safe than traditional manual operations.


The Mattress Master OPTIMA simplifies the operation so you can improve your tape edge productivity and finished quality without the high-cost investment of skilled operators.


New features:

• New style pedestal

• New touch screen controls

• A choice of sewing head options (300U or Pfaff)

• The same robust high-quality build as all the Gateway Mattress Masters


MattressMaster OPTIMA detail


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Mattress Master OPTIMA specifications:

• Minimum mattress height 90 mm (3.5 inch)

• Maximum mattress height 350 mm (13.5 inch)

• Maximum mattress weight 170 kg (370 lb)


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Mattress Master OPTIMA
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