CMM-45 Continental Miter Machine

The CMM-45, Continental Miter Machine, can create a miter corner and set the inner deck in a single, simple process.

Nonwoven material and continental border material are simultaneously fed through the machine with an integral puller and joined together as they pass through the CMM. A sensor stops movement at each corner where the border is cut with a retractable knife and sewn in miter fashion.

Reduce labor, cost and space by combining multiple machines and processes into a single piece of equipment for producing quality foundations.

  • Speed: 4000 SPM, Single needle 2 thread chain stitch w/ integral puller
  • Productivity: Up to 160 pcs per 8 hr. shift
  • Thickness: Sews up to 1oz. cumulus FR barrier

Additional Features:

  • Automatic end sew positioning stops the material travel for corner operation
  • Cut & sew operation with unique retractable knife
  • FR thread compatible
  • Adjustable miter depths for different “waterfall” sizes
  • One-Touch operator interface for easy training and simple operation


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CMM-45 Continental Miter Machine