V16 World's Fastest Quilter

Quilt with Velocity™

Gribetz International’s latest quilting innovation, the V16™, is the perfect machine for high volume production. A redesigned quilting system focuses on mattress manufacturers’ need for high volume throughput and simplifies maintenance and set-up operations that diminish valuable run-time.


A needle arrangement of 16 fixed needles in the industry’s most popular needle setting, the “1x6” setting, shortens the thread path by over 500% and enables the machine to sew at speeds nearly twice as fast as the average quilt machine in the mattress industry.


Considered the ideal quilt machine for lean manufacturing, Gribetz engineers have eliminated over 250 parts, including four eccentrics and 60 pounds of moving parts, enabling the V16 to operate at a true 1600 RPM in Tack and Jump® mode all day.

Based on typical industry standards, this could amount to a 40% increase in daily panel production, 40-50 more T&J panels per shift.*



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For your greatest productivity, view these PDF brochures for new options for this quilter.

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 Gribetz WildStitch brochure (application/pdf - 719 KB)



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*Calculations are based on typical average industry estimates. Actual results may vary. Contact your GSG representative for full details.


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V16 World's Fastest Quilter