PFM-4000 Flange Machine

  • Patented high-speed spring system
  • Maintains long stitch length at all speeds under most conditions
  • Improved easy feeding mechanism to handle stretch ticking
  • Automatic linkage cooling and lubrication system
  • Enhanced linkage design substantially increases strength and durability

    • Material: 3/8" – 6" (9.5 mm – 152 mm)
    • Speed: 4000 rpm @ 4 spi
    • Footprint: 48" × 20" (1.2 m × .51 m)
    • Seam width: 1" (25 mm)
    • Presser foot height: ¾" (19 mm)
    • Yield: 850+/- panels/8-hour shift



Porter Fastrack Parts Bin image (image/pjpeg - 12 KB)Discounted parts kit available!

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Download the parts list here:

Porter PFM 4000 Parts Kit PDF (application/pdf - 353 KB)




For maximum PFM-4000 productivity, consider the ATA FlangeMaster which combines a PFM-4000 with an air table and robotic panel turning device.

The EST-4000 ErgoSmart Table combines the PFM-4000 with a motorized belt table for more ergonomic and more productive flanging of heavy mattress panels.


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PFM-4000 Flange Machine