Quilting Machines

Gribetz International is the world's leading manufacturer of mattress quilting machines. The bedding industry has more Gribetz quilters than any other brand of computerized chainstitch quilt machines.


The leading edge technology, durable quality and wide range of quilt package capabilities of Gribetz quilters sets the standards for mattress quilt machines.


Visit GribetzPatterns.com to choose from an extensive line of available quilt patterns and more quilter information.





  • Spectrum - Gribetz International
    Create the most unique mattress quilt panels in the industry using this innovative quilter with 15 independent sewing heads.
  • V16 World's Fastest Quilter - Gribetz International
    Quilt with Velocity Gribetz International's latest quilting innovation, the V16, is the perfect machine for high volume production. The V16 is proven to sew at 1600 RPM in Tack & Jump or continous pattern mode.
  • Paragon M+ - Gribetz International
    The Paragon M+ quilts the industry's thickest materials at speeds up to 1500 RPM. Many new 2013 developments have made the world's most popular quilter even better!
  • HMI operator's tablet - Gribetz International
    Hand-held HMI operator controls tablet for more flexible and productive quilting operations.
  • Axiom - Gribetz International
    The state-of-the-art Axiom sews traditional multi-needle style quilt patterns as well as Tack & Jump® designs at speeds up to 1600 rpm.
  • Reliance M4+ - Gribetz International
    The Reliance is the best value in mid-range quilters. It sews up to 3 inch thick quilt packages at up to 1200 RPM.
  • Legacy 4/2 - Gribetz International
    The Legacy is high speed Gribetz quilter for light-medium density materials.
  • B45 Border Quilt Machine - Gribetz International
    Improve border quilting with the same Gribetz International® technology you trust with your mattress panels. The Gribetz B-45 Border Quilter is designed for a more highly efficient border work cell.
    Custom Options - Gribetz International
    Gribetz has custom options ensure that you have all you need to maximize your quilting operation.
  • Shuttle 1200 - Gribetz International
    The Shuttle is still one of the world's most popular options for high volume production of lockstitch sewn quilt products.
  • TK 900 Multi-head Single Needle Quilter - Teknomac
    New multi-head single needle mattress quilter pairs stylish quilting with innovative productivity.
  • Trade-ins and Rebuilt Pre-owned Quilt Machines - Gribetz International
    When you choose to upgrade or rebuild your Gribetz quilter, take advantage of the best industry experience and innovation available by choosing genuine OEM Gribetz products.
  • Paragon SL - Gribetz International
    The fastest quilter ever! 1750 RPM machine for high-volume channel quilting.

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