Automatic Velcro applicator machines

The Galkin line of automated Velcro® fastener workstations are the only machines specifically designed to rapidly and accurately cut, position, and apply adhesive-backed hook and loop round Velcoin® fasteners.


Galkin manufactures the world's most compehensive line of work aids and labor saving devices for hook and loop fastener strips. Whether you sewing a VELCRO® patch to an Army BDU or applying a round VELCOIN® to a DVD case, Galkin has the right workstation for your application.

Galkin velcro machines include velcro application machines for adhesive backed VELCRO®, pre-mated adhesive backed velcro machines, VELCOIN® (round hook and loop) application machines, digital cutters for velcro, and sewing machine feeding devices for both hook and loop.






* VELCRO ® and VELCOIN ® are registered trademarks of VELCRO Industries B.V. GLOBAL SYSTEMS GROUP is an independent machinery manufacturer and is not otherwise associated or affiliated with VELCRO INDUSTRIES B.V. or VELCRO USA INC. 


  • GAP 6800 Velcoin® fastener applicator - Galkin Automated Products
    Galkin’s no contact operation eliminates any operator contact with the Velcro® fasteners, and allows focused concentration on precise product placement.
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