Zipper Sewing Machines

Zippers have a wide range of uses in mattress production. Therefore, GSG offers a wide range of zipper machines. The diversity of machines from GSG are engineered for speed and quality perfectly suited for your operation.

  • PZM 2500 Compact Zipper Machine - Porter International
    Simply sew zipper to border section; close the border loop; flip it over and attach to mattress top with binding tape.
  • NC-1199-1 - Naehtec
    The NC-1199-1 long arm zipper station is the perfect solution for simultaneous attaching zippers halves to mattress top and bottom panels.
  • NC 1200 Zipper System - Naehtec
    The sewing station places the zipper sewing head in the center of the action for more efficient operation.
  • ZipCutter Specialty Cover Cutter - Porter International
    This easily affordable computerized cutting machine allows you to make popular specialty mattresses more profitably, and it can improve your work flow by no longer being dependent on outsourced vendors' schedules.
  • POM-500 Overlock Machine - Porter International
    The ideal overlock machine for finishing the edges of your specialty tick mattress covers. The POM-500 trims and secures your unit with an overlock and safety stitch.