Panel Cutting Machines

Global Systems Group offers mattress quilted panel cutting machines that are ideal for working with Gribetz quilt machines. Panel cutters from Gribetz and Nähtec are designed to handle any quilt package that can be produced by a Gribetz quilter.


Panel cutting machines from GSG are fast, accurate and built for high volume productivity.

  • PRO ME Programmable Panel Cutter - Gribetz International
    The Pro ME is a programmable panel cutter that can communicate with the Paragon M+ quilter for highly efficient quilt panel production.
  • PCS Standard Panel Cutter - Gribetz International
    The PCS panel cutter is one of the most popular machines of its type in the global mattress industry. It's dependable, accurate and highly productive.
  • BatchPro programmable panel cutter - Gribetz International
    Automate your mattress panel production for improved efficiency and greater yield. Reduce material waste with the BatchPro which communicates with Paragon and V16 quilters for BatchMode/AutoSchedule operations.
  • GS-15TX flat goods cutter - Gateway Systems
    This compact, highly efficient flat goods cutter is ideal for non-woven or stretchy knit materials. The use of dual scissors blades creates a cleaner, better cut.
  • ZipCutter Specialty Cover Cutter - Porter International
    This easily affordable computerized cutting machine allows you to make popular specialty mattresses more profitably, and it can improve your work flow by no longer being dependent on outsourced vendors' schedules.
  • BSAP Border Slitter - Gribetz International
    This all purpose border slitter machine can be used behind any quilter or it may be used as a stand alone unit.
  • PC-6 Panel Cutter - Spuhl Anderson
    This high speed, versatile panel cutter is primarily designed to cut flat goods, though it has the ability to cut light quilted materials too. Optional round corner cutting is available.
  • KL-430 - Naehtec
    The KL-430 is designed to stack quilted mattress panels, bedspreads, and other textiles.
  • GS 15 Flat Goods Cutter - Gateway Systems
    This compact flat goods cutter cuts flat goods panels from rolls of non-woven material.