Glue Line Machines

Mattress glue machines are becoming more pervasive throughout the bedding industry. Global System Group has glue line equipment that provides efficient coverage and dependable operation.

  • Rollflex Roll Coat Glue System - quarrata forniture
    The Rollflex roll-coat glue machine saves material; and production time with precision application technique.
  • Sahara adhesive dryer - quarrata forniture
    The Sahara utilizes infrared heat technology to instantly eliminate excess moisture from the glued surface. This permits a faster, better controlled process time to move the glued unit through production faster.
  • Quarrata Rhyno Mattress Press - quarrata forniture
    Highly compatible press to synchronize with other quarrata glue line equipment.
  • Multiflex universal adhesive system - quarrata forniture
    The Multiflex is great investment for your future. If you choose to change application types in the future, you retain 90% of the original machine and simply interchange different heads.
  • GS-19 Hot Melt Glue Line - Gateway Systems
    Hot melt glue bridge for a variety of bedding products.
  • MB-45 Pick and Place Robot - Gateway Systems
    Pick and Place Robot is ideal for loading foam sheets into glue line production.
  • Strata Laminator - Gribetz International
    90" (229cm) wide dry-adhesive lamination machine for laminated borders or other bedding products.
  • Rolljet programmable glue machine - quarrata forniture
    Like a digital printer, you can customize the pattern of glue distribution for full layers, foam encasement units, and everything in between. Save money applying minimal amounts of adhesive exactly where you need it!