Flange Machines

Global Systems Group builds the mattress industry's top flange machines, the Porter PFM-4000 and the Galkin X-5. They sew the thickest, densest quilt material in the industry at the fastest rates. Preparing mattress panels for build up operations is dependent on an effective flange operation.


A variety of other flangers from GSG provide ergonomic and semi automatic flanging systems.

  • EFS100 Automated Serger Flanger Workstation - Galkin Automated Products
    The EFS100 Automatically measures and trims your panels to the correct size during sewing, controls the corner radius, completely handles the material.
  • GAP-X5 Heavy Duty High Lift Performance Serger - Galkin Automated Products
    The High Lift X5 is the all terrain TANK of the Galkin Belt Drive Sergers with over 1.50" of presser foot and needle lift height. High Speed. Fat material capacity. Rugged construction.
  • GAP3301 - Galkin Automated Products
    The 3301 sews up to 3.5" thick at 4500 r.p.m. with features like electronic needle positioning and automatic presser foot lift.
  • GAP 3250 High Speed Flanger for FLAT to 1.50 - Galkin Automated Products
    This light duty high speed unit will sew flat goods up to 1.5" thick up to 4500 rpm with patented Power Trac feed performance.
  • GAP 3300 Flange Machine - Galkin Automated Products
    The 3300 sews up to 3.0" thick at 4500 r.p.m. with patented Power Trac feeding technology.
  • 25000-010 air table - Galkin Automated Products
    The 25000-010 is the perfect compliment to any GSG sewing workstation where operator strain due to heavy quilted foam panels is a concern.