Border Machines

There are many options for preparing mattress borders and Global Systems Group has many border machines to satisfy each element of border production. GSG has roll to roll border systems for high speed production and border measuring and cutting machines for individual border sections.


See how machines you may already own can be used to create a variety of faux pillowtop beds. Click here to download Porter Faux Pillowtop Brochure.


  • Automatic Border Line - Teknomac
    A set of 4 machines working in tandem for fully automated border production with many options for handles, labels, decoration and more.
  • TK112/TK114 Border Tacker - Teknomac
    Versatile lockstitch border tacker machine for high-speed roll-to-roll decorative border production.
  • TK-106/105 Border Machine - Teknomac
    Multi-needle technology and three independent sewing systems are capable of sewing multiple border designs that are unique and elegant.