Packaging Machines

Mattress packaging machines from Global Systems Group are engineered to accept the wide range of beddding products produced by mattress manufacturers. The Gribetz Wrapper, the Merello AutoPackaging machines and the TK306 Roll Pack, from Teknomac all have unique benefits that meet all the needs of a mattress factory.

  • ME 105 AutoPackage Machine - Merello
    The ME105 is the newest, fastest wrapper in the mattress industry. Package up to 5 units per minute and display your finished product with a high-quality appearance and secure seals.
  • ME-104 AutoPackage Machine - Merello
    Smooth and fast movement, standard size mattresses can package over 3 per minute.
  • Merello ME103 Compact 2-stage Wrapper - Merello
    The ME103 provides the wrapping quality of the Merello ME104 for light volume mattress producers.
  • ME-305 Pillow Pack - Merello
    The ME-305 is a well engineered machine for flattening and wrapping cushions for "flat pack" operations.
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