Tape Edge Machines

Mattress tape edge machines are crucial to every mattress factory and that's why GSG builds dependable tape edgers manufacturers can count on.


Tape edge equipment from Spuhl Anderson, Gateway Systems and Gribetz International provide tape edging solutions for the industries biggest mattresses with manual and semi automatic tape edge options.

  • Mattress Master Elite - Gateway Systems
    The Mattress Master Elite is the world's most advanced tape edge machine in the world. Mattress heights can range from 1mm - 500mm.
  • Mattress Master OPTIMA - Gateway Systems
    The Mattress Master OPTIMA simplifies the operation so you can improve your tape edge productivity and finished quality without the high-cost investment of skilled operators.
  • MM-150-P - Gateway Systems
    Easily produces 130-150 mattresses per shift with minimal training time.
  • MM-202-P - Gateway Systems
    The MM202-P is ideal for either large or small manufacturing operations. This tape edge machine provides high output with minimal training time
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