Zipper Sewing Machines

Zippers have a wide range of uses in mattress production. Therefore, GSG offers a wide range of zipper machines. The diversity of machines from GSG are engineered for speed and quality perfectly suited for your operation.

  • NC-1199-1 - Naehtec
    The NC-1199-1 long arm zipper station is the perfect solution for simultaneous attaching zippers halves to mattress top and bottom panels.
  • NC 1200 Zipper System - Naehtec
    The sewing station places the zipper sewing head in the center of the action for more efficient operation.
  • NC 2009 Zipper Machine - Naehtec
    The NC 2009’s attaching mechanism cleverly hides the zipper from view once installed in the mattress material.
  • NC-1006 - Naehtec
    Twin needle long arm machine with top and bottom thread trim.
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