Flange Machines

Global Systems Group builds the mattress industry's top flange machines, the Porter PFM-4000 and the Galkin X-5. They sew the thickest, densest quilt material in the industry at the fastest rates. Preparing mattress panels for build up operations is dependent on an effective flange operation.


A variety of other flangers from GSG provide ergonomic and semi automatic flanging systems.

  • PFM-4000 Flange Machine - Porter International
    This heavy duty flange machine is one of the industry's most popular sewing machines. Durable walking foot technology handles the thickest, densest quilted panels at the highest speeds.
  • PFM-1300 Flange Machine - Porter International
    The PFM-1300 is a great median flanger/serger for the bulk of the mattress industry goods. It's well-suited for products processed between the PFM-1000 and PFM-4000 range.
  • PFM-1000 Flange Machine - Porter International
    Handles medium to thick panels.
  • EST-501 - Porter International
    This motorized ErgoSmart belt table makes flanging with the PFM-4000 easier than ever. The belt table movements are synchronized with the flanger for smooth operation.
  • EDS-T500 Air Table - Porter International
  • PFM-515 Flange Machine - Porter International
    Yield: 700+/- panels/8-hour shift!