Border Machines

There are many options for preparing mattress borders and Global Systems Group has many border machines to satisfy each element of border production. GSG has roll to roll border systems for high speed production and border measuring and cutting machines for individual border sections.


See how machines you may already own can be used to create a variety of faux pillowtop beds. Click here to download Porter Faux Pillowtop Brochure.


  • BMS-1500 Border Modular System - Porter International
    This modular border system can easily and affordable adapt to changing industry trends as you need it. One automated base machine can be modified to produce up to four (make that SEVEN, as of 2013) different popular border features.
  • PRM-1500 Decorative Ribbon Machine - Porter International
    Add decorative ribbon materials to your mattress borders with this high adaptable machine which is part of the new BMS-1500 Border Modular System.
  • PJM-1500 Automatic Joiner Machine - Porter International
    Combine different border materials to form highly fashionable mattress styles. The PJM-1500 is built on the new BMS-1500 framework for affordable adaptation to other border styles.
  • BM-52 Border Measuring System - Porter International
    This semi-automatic border measuring machine can speed up your border section production reduce waste of factory space occupied by old-fashioned peg tables.
  • PE504-OU Over/Under Double Border Serger System - Porter International
    Two right-hand sewing heads operating in over and under technique
  • PE-504/DO double border serger - Porter International
    Double border serger with left and right-hand over-edge sewing heads. It automatically trims the edge and sews a strong overedge on both sides of border materials.
  • BC-200M Border Measure, Cut, and Mark Machine - Porter International
    Yield: Up to 120 ft/minute
  • BCL-200 Automatic Border Closer Machine - Porter International
    Material: Up to ½" (12.7 mm) | Speed: 3000 rpm @ 7 spi
  • FPT-1000 Faux Tape Machine - Porter International
    Automatically sews faux tape seams to borders
  • PDF-275 Special Fabric Sewer - Porter International
    Dramatic border styling can be more easily created using the PDF-275 to handle difficult materials often used for high-end mattresses.
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