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7/1/2011 - Gribetz International® introduces the latest quilting innovation: the V16™

Gribetz International® is pleased to announce the latest innovation in mattress quilt machine technology: the V16™ lean quilt machine. In response to manufacturers’ growing desire for lean manufacturing methods with greater production capacity, Gribetz has developed the leanest, fastest quilter in the world. By focusing on the essential needs of the manufacturer and reducing 256 parts on the quilt machine, the V16 is capable of sewing Continuous style and popular Tack & Jump® patterns at 1600 RPM.


That’s nearly twice as fast as the average 3- bar multi-needle quilt machine common to the industry. It’s estimated that a bedding producer using this machine can increase daily production by as much as 25% to 40%.


Gribetz unveiled the V16 at Interzum 2011, in Köln, Germany. Over 3000 sq. ft of floorspace was dedicated to a specially designed “experience” room used to define the machine’s unique benefits for customers touring the V16. The V16 received an overwhelmingly pleasing response from all customers who toured the space.


How do two rows of needles on the V16 enable 1600 RPM sewing speed?

The V16 consists of two offset rows of needles in stationary 12” spacing, forming a series of V’s. Eighty percent of the mattress industry quilt panels are created on this needle setting commonly known as a “1x6” or “Ultra 12”. Since the V16 only uses these 16 needles in a stationary position, only 16 spools of top thread and 16 spools of looper thread is required.


This enables Gribetz to remove over 250 parts and 60 pounds of moving parts, including 4 eccentrics formerly used to drive 3 needle bars. Using fewer thread spools allows Gribetz to position these spools closer to the sewing area, reducing the thread path by over 500% with better thread control and less thread path maintenance.


Less inertia within the needle/looper drives and better thread control results in high speed capabilities. All of this means more profitable lean production for the mattress manufacturer.


Proven performance

The V16 has been extensively field-tested at a full production manufacturing facility. It has proven to operate at 1600 RPM in full production mode all day long. Depending on pattern and quilt package selection, this could result in a daily panel production increase of over 25% to 40%. Depending on the producer’s market and common industry values, this represents a potential additional annual wholesale amount of $1 million to $2 million dollars*.



*All calculations and estimates are based on common USA mattress industry standards. Actual results may vary. Contact a GSG representative for full details.

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