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6/17/2009 - GSG Innovation at Interzum

Global Systems Group® (GSG), introduced the industry to new break-through technology in mattress production at the Interzum Furniture Trade Fair, in Köln, Germany. Several previously unannounced new machines debuted with great appeal from manufacturers.

Gribetz International® showcased two key pieces of equipment. The Paragon M+, the world’s most advanced multi-needle chainstitch quilt machine, demonstrated the ability to operate at the industry’s highest speeds and produce Tack & Jump® quilt patterns without “tails.” The Paragon M+ is rated for sewing up to 1500 SPM. The POSI-TRIM™ thread control system can eliminate the undesirable thread remnants that are often generated during Tack & Jump quilting. The new Paragon M+ also has many new benefits that make this quilt machine easier to operate and maintain.

Gribetz also introduced the industry’s first programmable border slitter, the ProSlit. This revolutionary machine, with patent pending technology, can automatically move cutting blades by itself, based on product descriptions loaded into the machine’s computer. Current border slitter machines require labor intensive manual adjustment of these slitter blades. The ProSlit can accurately reposition blades in a fraction of the time required of manually set machines.

Nähtec, a German-based sewing systems company, shared a new zipper machine, the NC1200. This high speed zipper attachment machine features a newly designed sewing head. Its “pedestal” stand enables the operator to be better positioned within the work station for more productivity and better quality work.

Another new machine from Nähtec, is the DST-60 De-Stacker. This robot like device raises a cart load of cut mattress panels and picks and places each one onto a serging/flanging station. While the serging operator completes one panel, the DST-60 stages the next panel to be delivered as needed. This allows the operator to concentrate more time on productive serging tasks, rather than non-productive material handling.

The UK-based GSG company, Gateway Systems, unveiled a new version of the popular Mattress Master Tape Edge Machine. The Mattress Master Elite is a semi-automatic tape edge machine with more ergonomic innovation to make the tape edge process easier than ever. The new radial arm which rotates the mattress during tape edging has a stronger, smoother movement for better performance. The drive motor for the turning mechanism has been repositioned to allow the operator a more comfortable work space.

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