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5/30/2008 - GSG Introduces Many New Mattress Machines

Global Systems Group has introduced many new and updated mattress machines based on current needs of mattress manufacturers. This innovative equipment has improved ergonomics; unique features for simplified production of diverse mattress styles; and aides in achieving lean initiatives.

ErgoSmart Table 4000
The ErgoSmart Table 4000 (EST 4000), from Porter International, is a motorized belt table equipped with a powerful PFM-4000 flanger. The PFM-4000 is designed to flange the thickest, densest mattress panels in the industry, and the ErgoSmart Table makes handling these panels nearly effortless.

Sensors communicate the position of the panel to the belt motors, indicating whether they need to move in the same direction for straight line flanging, or turn in opposite directions to rotate the panel, in order to flange the next side.

The motions of the belts are synchronized with the flanger sewing head, to effortlessly move the panels through the flanging operation with minimal effort from the operator. A built in guide helps ensure panels are finished with clean, straight edges. The table can be raised or lowered for operator comfort at the touch of a button.

The EST 4000 may improve production by reducing operator fatigue, simplifying training, and improving the finished quality of mattress panels.

CMM-45 Continental Miter Machine
Porter International’s, CMM-45, the Continental Miter Machine, makes miter corners for foundation units easier than ever. The CMM-45 cuts and sews a 45 degree corner seam, and combines the non-woven inner deck with the quilted side panel on the same machine.

Nonwoven material and continental border material are simultaneously fed through the machine with an integral puller, and joined together as they pass through the CMM-45. A sensor stops movement at each corner where the border is precisely cut and sewn in miter fashion with the aid of a built-in retractable knife.

An operator can create up to 160 foundations per 8 hour shift. Cut & sew operation can be modified for different “waterfall” depths, and one-touch operation simplifies training and daily operations.

AutoMiter & Die-cut Pillowtop Work Cell
The Auto-Miter™ Work Cell, from Porter International, is the most efficient equipment available for producing stylish miter corners on pillowtop gussets. Clean, attractive mitered corners, formerly reserved for high end mattresses, can now be affordably added to any pillowtop mattress.

A simple, single step die cut device notches out a small section of flange material reserved for the corners of the pillowtop gusset. The AutoMiter machine creates a 45 degree stitch line in each gusset corner and then a built-in notching unit removes unnecessary material from the corner, resulting in four perfect miter corners.

Machine performance and styling quality is maximized with an auto bobbin counter, thread break detectors, and an auto trimming mechanism. The system is easily programmed for various product dimensions with a touch screen interface.

NC 1046-1 Mattress Handle Machine
The Nähtec NC 1046-1, mattress handle machine, can add handles to mattress panels or borders. This system consists of both sewing head and table with various available stitch patterns.

The machine can accommodate many different handle sizes and the NC 1046-1 can attach a handle in 20 seconds. Handles can be applied to borders in either horizontal or vertical format.

NC 1170 Border Station
The NC 1170 Border Station, from Nähtec, can easily create attractive mattress border styles. This roll to roll system comes in two different formats. One machine option applies secondary material on top of the main border material. A second model can split the border material, introduce a second material into the formed gap, and sew the additional material into place. Decorative border materials can be added to existing border, or additional sections, such as perforated venting fabric, can be added to the center of border panel material in markets that are not restricted by FR regulations.

There are many advantageous options for applying decorative elements to the border and the NC 1170 is equipped with up to 10 needles to accommodate most manufacturers’ creativity. Mattress producers may differentiate their product and create competitive advantages by adding branded textiles, or distinctively colored fabrics.

The NC 1170 Border Station model equipped with a cutting mechanism can cut apart multiple sections of border width, add a second or third material into the created space, and sew it all back together, merging several complex steps into a single machine.

2009 Zipper Machine
Nähtec’s NC 2009 Zipper Machine is a powerful lockstitch sewing machine designed to easily added zippers into mattress borders. The NC 2009 can add zipper sections to the end of a bed, or it can apply it around the entire perimeter of the mattress. The clever method applies the zipper and folds material in a manner that leaves the zipper virtually invisible within the mattress border.

The Zipper Machine is completely fitted with an easy access control panel, binding unit and positioning motor for simple operation and precise execution.

TK306 Roll Pack Machine
The TK306 Roll Pack Machine, from Teknomac, can dramatically reduce space and shipping costs associated with packaged mattresses. The Roll Pack machine compresses and rolls mattresses in a packaging film. A hydraulic press, combined with a mechanical roll pack operation can roll mattresses into a diameter as small as 12 inches.

The roll pack cylinder is programmable to accept varying product dimensions. The TK306 can roll any of the following mattress products:


The TK306 creates a significant opportunity for mattress producers to cut costs and improve logistical efficiencies.

ME-305 Pillow Pack
The ME-305 Pillow Pack machine, from Merello, is another example of innovative engineering from Global Systems Group and its partners. The ME-305 can quickly compress and wrap pillows for high volume “flat pack” operations.

This machine can wrap every type of pillow and cushion at a rate up to 8 per minute. The ME-305 extracts air from the product and packaging material which saves on space and material. The machine adjusts to perfect size and forms a tube style bag from a polyethylene plastic roll and trims with a cold blade. The rolls of plastic can be easily changed and different sizes can be accommodated without adjustment.

The ME-305 has an electronic inverter for smooth motor movements. A PLC screen allows for input parameters and displays cycle information.

An optional video jet thermal printer is also available to print product labels for the pillow products.

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