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The staff of Gribetz International®, a Global Systems Group® company, plans to offer free advanced training seminars at ISPA EXPO 2010, in Charlotte, NC. The current plans include demonstrations and training sessions on March 5 and March 6. The topics will be ideal for mattress manufacturers and their staff seeking greater profitability from quilting operations by better understanding the Gribetz quilt machines they already use.


Many manufacturers can improve the performance of their Gribetz quilters with these tune-up tips and a better use of existing features that may not be completely utilized. These free advanced training sessions are designed to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a lean manufacturing practice proven to boost profitable production and improve capacity utilization.


Seminar attendees may expect to gain the following information:


Global Systems Group (GSG) is pleased to make this free advanced training available to customers attending the ISPA EXPO. GSG hopes to make the trade show experience even more beneficial to those planning to attend through informative activities like these.


All advanced training seminars are subject to limited space availability, so contact Gribetz (800-326-4742 or 954-846-0300) as soon as possible to reserve your space. Topics and session schedules will vary so visit, or email for more detailed specifics.

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