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4/23/2012 - New GSG innovations at ISPA EXPO 2012

ISPA EXPO 2012 was an exciting show of new mattress manufacturing technology from Global Systems Group®. New equipment was featured in the following areas:


See show highlights in the video below and contact your GSG representative for more complete machine details.


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V16™ quilter

Gribetz International® introduced the world’s fastest multi-needle quilter to the US market at ISPA EXPO. The V16™ has a simplified thread path for easier operational maintenance and a quilting speed of 1600 RPM. Depending on a manufacturer’s production variables, this could add 140 extra queen panels per shift. Read about more V16 benefits at the V16 product page.


B45 Border quilter with new accessories applications

The Gribetz B45 border quilter has been updated to create more decorative border styles currently gaining popularity in the bedding industry. Decorative ribbons and tapes and similar accessories can be added during the quilting/slitting process, eliminating these downstream processes at other machine stations. Read about more B45 benefits at the B45 product page.



Zipper units are becoming vital in the US mattress market. GSG has harnessed the European zipper knowledge of our German-based company, Nähtec, and displayed four different zipper machines at ISPA. Zipper machines from Nähtec and Porter International formed a collection to choose from that could apply zippers in nearly any desired method. Read about each of our zipper systems at our zipper product page. Read about more GSG zipper machines at our zipper category page.


BMS1500 – A solid plan for a flexible future.

Trends and styles in the mattress industry change quickly – and response to these changes can have a huge impact on a manufacturer’s success. Porter International has introduced a unique modular machine system designed to adapt to these changing needs. A single machine frame and sewing head can fabricate four different popular mattress border styles: zipper borders, decorative ribbon borders, Cinch-Loc® Pillowtop gussets, or joining varying materials in a single border. Use the same machine, but only acquire affordable, interchangeable fixtures as needed to execute each unique border application. Read about more BMS1500 benefits at the BMS1500 product page.



Another new mattress border machine from Porter is the PBM-50. It’s a portable, high-speed border measuring system designed to replace old fashioned manual peg-board measuring methods. The programmable PBM-50 stores and automatically measures different lengths of border material. It feeds out the desired length in seconds for manual trimming. Read about more PBM-50 benefits at the PBM-50 product page.


Wrap beds faster than ever, smaller than ever

Our European partners, Merello and Teknomac each shared new packaging innovations at ISPA EXPO.


Merello displayed the fastest new wrapper in the world, the Merello ME-105. This automated packaging machine can wrap up to 5 units per minute. Equally impressive is the tight, clean appearance of the finished product. Read about more ME-105 benefits at the ME-105 product page.


Teknomac unveiled the TK-309 folding unit to be used with their popular TK-306 roll pack machine. The TK-309 folds compressed units in half prior to roll packing in order to more easily fit within popular consumer shipping specifications. Read about more TK-306/TK-309 benefits at the TK-306 product page.


Foam core FR bag closer

Two new products from Galkin™ are designed for popular foam bed construction. The new GBC-1000 “sock closer” and PFT-65 pneumatic flip table were displayed to form a foam bed build-up cell. The GBC-1000 sews one end of an FR sock closed; the encased core can then be covered with a border/base “bucket”; and flipped onto another table in preparation for final closing with a tape edge machine. Read about more GBC-1000 and PFT-65 benefits at the GBC-1000 and PFT-65 product pages.


Ruffler and flanger updates

Two of the most popular GSG product categories are the GPT ruffler and flange machines. Porter International has updated the controls system of the GPT-1100 for easier product creation and operator functions. Read about more GPT-1100 benefits at the GPT-1100 product page.


New to the GSG booth was the Galkin EFS-100 automated measuring and flanging system. It’s design to accurately measure and rotate thick, heavy quilted panels for more accurate corners and high speed flanging production. Read about more EFS-100 benefits at the EFS-100 product page.


The Porter International EST-500 automated flanging belt table has been redesign for more convenient operation and maintenance. This powerful and dependable flange machine is more effective than ever. Read about more EST-500 benefits at the EST-500 product page.


EZ Plant™ - remote machine monitoring system

Global Systems Group introduced the mattress industry to secure mobile plant management through the new EZ Plant technology. EZ Plant can monitor machines in a factory and users can access the “real-time” machine activity data via PC, mobile phone or computer tablets. This technology, developed by GSG, permits a user to see watch a machine’s performance from anywhere internet access is available at any time of day. Owners and managers called away from their plant operations can remain informed of actual machine performance. Contact a GSG representative to learn about more benefits of the EZ Plant system.


Global Systems Group has been an innovative leader of the mattress industry for decades. The diversity of these new products indicates the broad service GSG provides our customer in every facet of mattress manufacturing.


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