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11/1/2008 - Gribetz International Builds the Fastest Multi-needle Quilter on the Planet

Paragon® M+
The popular Paragon M series multi-needle quilting machines, from Gribetz International, have recently undergone a renovation of technology. The resulting new Paragon M+ can sew high loft quilt packages with the fastest Tack & Jump® (T&J) speed in the mattress industry – up to 1500 RPM. Furthermore, innovative technology now eliminates undesirable “tails” that often occur during the T&J quilting process.

Redesigned software creates machine movements that are faster than ever and a patent pending trimming technique can eliminate the mattress panel’s topside loose threads referred to as “tails.”

A servo-powered direct drive feed roller creates more accurate movements while feeding in quilt materials and eliminates maintenance issues associated with belt and chain drive connections.

The new Paragon M+ includes a touch screen control panel separate from the machine’s computer. This independent distinction enables less expensive equipment replacements.

Other critical modifications include new electronic thread break detectors; easy access door latches; redesigned sliding doors for quieter operation; and a host of new features targeted to ease maintenance and service issues.

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