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Global Systems Group® (GSG), a division of Leggett & Platt ®, will be introducing several new products and cell manufacturing work groups at the ISPA Expo, March 12-15.

Have it Both Ways: Miter or Ruffle
One exciting product is the latest sewing system from GSG company, Porter International. The new Auto>Miter™ Work Cell automatically notches and sews mitered corners on pillowtop bed gussets. This innovative equipment enables mattress producers to easily create elegant miter corners, popular on high end beds, on all lines of pillowtops.

Another Porter work cell new to the ISPA Expo is the FlexBorder™ Work Cell. This machinery creates ruffles in the gusset of pillowtop beds. The automated functions improve tailoring quality, reduce tape edge operations and reduce labor, as compared to conventional methods.

New Packaging Systems
GSG will also display mattress packaging equipment from European GSG partner companies, Tecknomac and Merello. Teknomac will be demonstrating the TK 306 Roll Pack machine. This powerful packaging machine rolls and wraps mattresses in a method that can reduce shipping and warehouse space by up to 40%.

The Merello ME 104 Auto Packaging Machine is a 2-stage wrapping machine that can package 3 mattresses per minute. Merello will also demonstrate a new pillow packaging system as well.

Global Systems Group will be demonstrating over 30 machines in work cell formats to share the benefits of this popular lean manufacturing method. All of this can be seen in Booth 143, at ISPA EXPO 2008, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Global Systems Group®, a division of Leggett & Platt®, specializes in engineering and manufacturing machinery for bedding producers and related industries. Visit for more information.

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