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8/1/2013 - GSG innovation focuses on production efficiency

 Global Systems Group introduced several new and updated mattress machines at the Interzum Fair in Cologne, Germany, May 13-16.



The Paragon M+, the world’s most popular multi-needle quilter, has been re-designed with many new options for greater ease of use and greater productivity. Most of these Gribetz innovations are a direct response to valued customer feedback.


Customer-driven innovations like these keep Gribetz machines on the cutting edge of quilting technology.


Quilt panel production

Nähtec shared the new KL-244 automatic panel cutter and serger. Positioned behind a mattress panel quilter, it can automatically trim and overlock all four sides. This multitasking machine combines multiple operations, reducing labor and improving value-added productivity.


Foam adhesive equipment

Global Systems Group and SABA water-based adhesives R&D teams have developed new automated adhesive systems for foam operations. It’s based on the new SABA Hybrid 13.0 series of water-based adhesive. The machines work with virtually no overspray and the formula produces a near-immediate bond for easy production handling.


Using this technology, Gribetz introduced two new foam adhesive systems to streamline foam encased bed production and reduce material waste.


The GRS-1 Foam Rail Splicer automatically splices various sized foam rail sections and cuts them to desired, pre-programmed lengths. This can improve lean efficiencies by making it possible for customers to order a single size of foam rail lengths and cut and splice them as need for “just-in-time” production. This will eliminate stockpiled inventories and make use of scrap materials.



The Gribetz GB-1 glue-bridge also utilizes the SABA 13.0 Hybrid adhesive for automatically applying adhesive to foam or shoddy pad surfaces for foam-encased build up or layered foam applications. This multi-head system uses the water-based adhesive in an air-less system that eliminates excessive overspray that often plagues such operations. The computer controlled application uses the minimum required amount applied precisely where it’s needed.


Tape Edge

The MattressMaster Optima, from Gateway Systems, utilizes reliable Gateway Systems technology and practical cost-reduction design features to present the most affordable machine in the popular MattressMaster product line. It can reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity with automatic mattress turning and flipping devices, but the features have been streamlined for a cost-competitive tape edge solution.


Engineered Borders™

Gateway Systems also unveiled the GS-MN3DC, a decorative border machine that can splice a mattress border and introduce a third section. This is desirable for added vent materials or applying decorative tapes and ribbons on top of the primary border material.


Porter International showcased three new features available on the increasingly popular BMS-1500 Modular Border System. The BMS-1500 has optional interchangeable tooling to produce a variety of Engineered Border styles. The BMS-1500 can be equipped to produce the following styles:

  1. Spliced 3D material
  2. Welt cord trim
  3. Faux Pillowtop
  4. Applied decorative ribbons
  5. Zippered borders
  6. Ruffled Cinch-loc Pillowtops
  7. Joined varied border materials


There are many more important details of each machine, so contact Global Systems Group to find out exactly how each one can improve factory productivity and efficiency.




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